Dress Code

Student Dress Code Reminders
• Clear or mesh backpacks only.clear backpackmesh backpack
• All boys’ shirttails will be tucked in.
• Girl’s shorts in 3rd and 4th grade should approach the knee. (No short shorts!)
• No spandex!
• Girls are not to wear pants with words written across the back.
• T-shirts should not have inappropriate words or pictures on them. No WWF on clothes or backpacks.
• Belts need to be worn to hold pants at the waist.
• Mohawks/spikes are not permissible.
• Slides, skate shoes, “heelies” are not permissible.
• The length of skirts must approach the knee and allow one to walk, stoop, kneel, and sit with modesty. It is suggested to wear shorts under skirts in order to participate easily in PE.