Winners of AISD’s ‘Name That Book’ Contest Announced

Winners of AISD’s ‘Name That Book’ Contest Announced
Posted on 05/30/2014

Name that bookName That Book is a districtwide academic competition. Name That Book serves to familiarize students with classic literature as well as contemporary award-winning books in a variety of genres.

To prepare, students read 30 books during the school year. They also worked with a coach and learned how to work together as a team. The students then compete in teams of six to name the book based on a quote or question.

The main goal is to enhance students’ experiences with books. They not only become exposed to some wonderful children’s literature but also improve their reading and comprehension skills.

The schools advanced to the final rounds by placing first at their vertical level competition. This year, 22 schools participated at the kindergarten through second grade vertical level and 25 campuses competed in the third through fourth grade vertical level. This was the inaugural year for an intermediate (Grades 5-6) competition; six intermediate schools participated.

Grades 3-4 Division
1st Place — Jones Elementary School
2nd Place — Carroll Academy
3rd Place — Oleson Elementary School
4th Place — Harris Academy