Teacher of the Year

Ms. Espinosa Teacher of the Year

2015-2015 Teacher of the Year
Adalia Espinosa

My philosophies for being a high quality teacher that my students deserve started developing on my very first day teaching, and have since then been built upon, edited, even removed over the past five years. They are as follows:

·         Students will always come first. Their needs outweigh what any calendar says they need to be or what any high stakes tests might define them as. They come first.

·         Students have their own personal story, background, wealth of knowledge, specialties, brilliance, and talents. It is my job to highlight, encourage, and build upon it.

·         Discipline is more effective when a student knows that the consequence comes from a place of fairness, love, and understanding, not a place of blame or hate.

·         Challenges will always be there, and there will always be “bad days” when everything falls apart. There is always tomorrow.

·         I build a foundation of trust with my students by placing a high expectation on them and also by trading the responsibility over to them. Every action is a choice. Their future is in their hands.

Thank you Oleson Elementary Faculty for voting me as Teacher of the Year.